Publicada em: 23/11/2015 15:31

Chancellor takes part in the opening of ATTO Tower, world's tallest monitoring tower.

The Chancellor of the State University of Amazonas (UEA), Cleinaldo Costa, participated last saturday (22), in the opening of ATTO Tower (Amazon Tall Tower Observatory), located in the Sustainable Development Reserve of Uatumã, at the county of São Sebastião of Uatumã (247 kilometers of Manaus). The ATTO is 325 meters tall, and it is also the world's tallest monitoring tower. The building wil work in environmental monitoring of climatic changes at the amazonic region, and it'll be an important instrument for atmospheric science. The first results may be obtained six months from now.

"We're stepping into history. UEA, an young university only 15 years old, and the State Goverment of Amazonas have the honor of taking part in this grand moment for science in brazil and the world. The results of various research groups, that may dictate studies in world climate changes for decades to come, are going to come out of this place. To have UEA's students and teachers aboard this project is an opportunity without equal." said the Chancellor, Cleinaldo Costa.

The ceremony featured the presence from minister of Science, Technology and Inovation, Aldo Rebelo, minister Counselor of Germany's Embassy in Brazil, Claudius Fischbach, UEA's coordinator of Project ATTO, Rodrigo Souza, National Institute of Amazonian Research's(Inpa) director, Luiz Renato de França, State's Secretary of Planning, Development, Science, Technology and Inovation (Seplancti), Thomaz Nogueira, besides other authorities.

"The work developed here will serve the purpose of preservation of life in the planet, and offering alternatives for the sustainable development of humanity. We're very grateful to our researcher friends from Germany, Inpa and all the professionals that will help build this tower in the largest rainforest in the world", said MCTI's minister, Aldo Rebelo.

UEA is a partner in the project alongside Inpa and the Max Planck Institute. Researchers from UEA and Inpa, particularly from the Climate and Environment Postgraduate Program (Cliamb), are going to be the main beneficiaries by the new monitoring instrument that is taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which is 315 meters tall.

"This tower is the result of a partnership between multiple research institutions, among them, the Research Support Foundation of the State of Amazonas and UEA. Those partnerships demonstrate that science has no barriers. That's the beauty of science, this possibility of getting the expertises of different institutions towards a common objective. The objective was the tower, and there it is. Other projects are coming, maybe bigger and better", said the director of Inpa.

Attached by cables in an area 156 km away from Manaus, ATTO Tower will have instruments to measure carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone among other gases. The project is estimated in R$ 20 million.
"At the tower, we'll obtain data about several meteorological variables, among them, temperature, humidity, wind, rain, all of that in a way with no precedent in the entire world. Beyond that, we'll collect information about gases and probe atmosphere data up to 12 kilometers. The first results may be obtained six months from now", said UEA's coordinator of Project ATTO, Rodrigo Souza.