Publicada em: 24/11/2015 16:38

Enrollment for the Vestibular and SIS begin tuesday (1st).

Enrollment for 4.605 vacancies at the Vestibular and Serial Entrance System (SIS) begins this tuesday (1st) and will continue until september 30. Registration fee for the Vestibular is 50R$ and 40R$ for the SIS. Registrations can be done exclusively on UEA's portal (

Notices for both the Vestibular and SIS 2015-2016 will offer all 4.605 vacancies, including the ones destined for indigenous people. The Vestibular offers 2.745 vacancies, 1.239 being for the capital, 1.380 for inland and 126 for indigenous people. The notice for SIS is offering 1.860 vacancies, 826 being for the capital and 920 for inland, besides 114 offered for indigenous people.

This year there are four new courses offered: Commercial Management Technology (inland), Land Surveying Technology (capital), Biotechnology Technology (capital) and License in Regular Physical Education.


SIS exams will take place during november 13, and the Vestibular ones during november 14 and 15. Exams begin 13h (manaus time). The Vestibular Ingress Comission alerts students for the closening of the access gates to the exam location at 12h50 (manaus time), imperatively.

Other than the General knowledge exams, candidates for the Music, Dance and Drama courses will also be subjected to a Specific Skills Exam, of classificatory and eliminatory nature. The test takes place at the Superior School for Arts and Tourism, located at Leonardo Malcher street, 1728, Praça 14 district in Manaus, according to the time and date depicted in the notice.

The Specific Skills Exam - a pratical test - for the Drama course and the theoretical test for Musical Specific Skills for the Music course are happening October 11. The pratical Specific Skills Exam for the courses of Dance and Music will take place October 18, with the timetable still to be published at UEA's portal.

Candidates for the Music, Dance and Drama courses should point out a second course option in the same knowledge area during enrollment. It should not be similar to the first course option and it also mustn't demand a Specific Skills exam. The candidate will only compete for the second course option in the case of failing the Specific Skills exam.