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Symposium will present scientific articles developed by specialization students

The State University of Amazonas, through the Superior School of Technology, will conduct during November 17 to 20, the I Post-Graduate Symposium of the Superior School of Technology (Simpest). The event aims to create a forum for teachers and students to discuss the results of the scientific articles developed in ten specializations that will be graduating new students during this semester. There are about 400 articles expected to be presented during the Symposium.

According to professor Francis Wagner Correia, EST's general coordinator for Lato Sensu Graduation, expectations are for the event to provide debates about themes referring to the development of new technologies and inovation in Amazonas.

"With these articles being presented, general population will have contact with cientific works of high quality and emphasis in technology and inovation, created and developed in UEA. We also hope the Symposium is an attraction for that populace, workers and students, and that it results in the possible entry of new post-graduate students", says Correia.

Currently, just at EST, there are 15 Post-Graduate Lato Sensu courses offered. Those are developed by about 140 UEA teachers, 80% of them being doctors and 30% masters, which only adds to the quality in the formation of professionals who look to specialize at UEA.


Of the ten classes graduating this semester in post-graduate Lato Sensu courses, four are aimed at training professionals of the multinational Samsung. In their case, the programs were developed to answer the multinational's demand for its employees qualification. UEA's proximity with industries on the Industrial Pole of Manaus is part of a new policy from Senior Management, with a focus on narrowing the relations between the Industrial Pole and the University.


Through the offering of courses and spots in post-graduate programs, the University is increasing the number of doctors in the board of teachers. In just over a year and a half from the first election for UEA's Chancellor and Dean, Senior Management increased the number of doctors in 30% and the amount of masters in over 12%, amounting to 501 masters and 261 doctors.

"There is no way to promote science in a higher education institution if we don't strengthen post-graduate programs and create opportunities to form new doctors. These are the factor that, essentially, brings to the University an increase in the number of researches and scientific works in the many knowledge fields", says UEA's Chancellor, Cleinaldo Costa.

Investment from the Management has reflected in UEA's position at the 'Folha Academic Ranking'. In 18 months, the institution has climbed 28 positions, leaving the 101th place in 2013 to the 77th in 2014. Among the universities in the north, UEA is ranked third best. The ranking evaluates five indicators: research, internationalization, innovation, teaching and market.


The Simpest will feature oral presentations and poster sessions related to the topics treated in the fields of ten EST graduation courses forming classes this semester. Works presentation is also dedicated to students from other institutions. Registrations for the submission of works can be done until September 24 in the site of the event:

You can check the event's schedule in the link below.