Publicada em: 24/11/2015 17:13

Center for Advanced Studies of Tabatinga promotes Indigenous Intercultural Seminar

The Center for Advanced Studies of Tabatinga (CESTB), of the State University of Amazonas (UEA), will conduct during september 14 and 15, the Intercultural Seminar for faculty captation. The event's objective is to promote the qualification for the Indigenous Education process being developed at the Alto Solimões and Javari Valley region.

The Seminar is aimed at teachers acting or interessed in acting in the indigenous education area, specially in the courses of Indigenous Licensure at the County of São Paulo de Olivença, Indigenous Pedagogy at Javari Valley, Agroecology from Umariaçu and other courses to be developed as a projection of Indigenous Education in Alto Solimões

This activity was born due to CESTB's concern about developing opportunities for debate and both theoretical and methodological training to the practice of higher education in Indigenous Degree courses in the countys of Alto Solimões and Javarai.

The event's first day begins at 8h, with the lecture "History of the Indigenous Movement and the Fight for Differentiated Education", which will have the participation of indigenous leadership. The subject will be adressed by members of the Indigenous Movements. In the afternoon by 14h, teachers from UEA will talk about the Institution's action focused on Indigenous Education. This subject will be adressed by the teachers Sebastião Rocha and Juan Carlos Peña.

Last day's schedule starts by 8h with the lecture 'Anthropological and Linguistic prospects for indigenous education in the Alto Solimões and Javari Valley regions'. By 14h, a round table begins with teachers Luis Felipe, Ildete Freitas, Maria Auxiliadora and Juan Carlos.

The activities will take place in the Center for Advanced Studies of Tabatinga (CESTB).