Publicada em: 24/11/2015 17:17

Exams for 'Language without Borders' to be applied by UEA.

As of this month, the 'Language without Borders' program will be counting with the participation of the State University of Amazonas (UEA). With this, UEA becomes the applicator center for Toefl - ITP's english leveling tests. Only those students who are in their graduate, masters and doctorates from the institution itself may be taking the tests. The announcement was given this thursday morning (3rd) by Chancellor Cleinaldo Costa.

"Our focus is to build new opportunities and inserting our students in this context of opportunities outside the country, to strengthen research, postgraduate studies and scientific development of UEA. Internationalization is one of the objectives of this management, so we are seeking partnerships with foreign universities", highlights the Chancellor.

To start the test application phase, around 400 exams will be held in Amazonas to UEA's students. There will be no cost for those students, exams are financed by the federal government and UEA itself is responsible for admnistration costs and exam application.

The first 400 tests will be applied in Manaus, Tefé, Itacoatiara, Tabatinga and Parintins. Expectations are that in 2016 there will be a thousand more tests applied in Amazonas.

"The project's goal reflects one of the University roles, which is to train qualified professionals with mastery in the english language and promote the integration of UEA of students in the job market. It is a major step towards the internationalization of academics" says UEA's project coordinator, Vanúbia Araújo.


The Language without Borders program was developed by the Ministry of Education(MEC) via the Secretariat of Higher Education (SESu), along with the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES). It's main goal is to encourage language learning, as well as providing a comprehensive structural change in the teaching of foreign languages in the country's universities.