Publicada em: 24/11/2015 17:26

First Lady of Amazonas makes a visit to UEA's Robotics Laboratory

The first lady of Amazonas, Edilene Gomes de Oliveira, in the afternoon of this wednesday (2nd), came to visit the Robotics and Automation Center of the Superior School of Technology (Graest) of the State University of Amazonas (UEA). Edilene Gomes de Oliveira was met by the Chancellor, Cleinaldo Costa, and also the Dean, Mario Bessa. The purpose for the visit was to learn about the projects in Assistive Technology, which has a focus in improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Edilene Gomes de Oliveria got to know the project "Giullia: The talking hand". This project consists in synthesizing the Sign Language in sentences and voiced words. Through a sensor installed next to the elbow, deaf people can improve their communication skills.

"We have a great technological potential that can ensure accessibility and improve the quality of life of people with hearing impairment. With this project, communication between deaf people and listeners will get a lot easier", highlights Edilene.

The sensor captures the biological signs of the forearm muscles and hand and transmits them via Bluetooth to a mobile device, which synthesizes the signals into voice. Giullia is an homage to a young woman, now deceased, who at birth, had impaired brain activity due to a bacteria acquired while still in the maternity ward.

According to the First Lady, during the month of October, 100 equipments will be distributed to deaf people. In the first half of 2016 there will be over 400 devices distributed in Amazonas.

"We should not forget that the greatest value technology can give is when it directly benefits people, especially those who are in physical restraints", stressed UEA's Chancellor, Cleinaldo Costa.

Taking part in the vist were also the director of Amazon Data Processing Company S/A (Prodam), Márcio Lira, UEA's professor, Manuel Cardoso and Marivan Gomes, UEA's Robotics and Automation Center Coordinator.