Publicada em: 23/05/2019 09:39

UEA welcomes FAPEAM to the introduction of the Centelha Program

The Amazonas State University (UEA) welcomed members of the State Funding Agency for the Support of Research (FAPEAM), this past Monday (20) to the presentation of the Centelha Program. The initiative aims at establishing partnership between both institutions and promoting the entrepreneurship to startups together with the Funding Agency for Innovation and Research (FINEP).

To the UEA Rector, Cleinaldo Costa, the role of the University is fundamental to make the entrepreneurship program stronger in Amazonas. "UEA intends to distribute this knowledge to our units all over the State, strengthening opportunities of new ideas and, who knows, having some startups emerged from the University to serve Amazonas in this scenario in which FAPEAM and FINEP build together".

During the meeting, FAPEAM director, Marne Vasconcellos, explained that the visits are to motivate the institutions of different areas in its potential to participate in the Program. Vasconcellos also highlighted the importance of the partnership with UEA. "The University is a significant partner not only for its role in the State of Amazonas, but also because it is an important higher education institution that serves the inner cities and is able to actively cooperate and attract entrepreneurs with good ideas to run for the Centelha Program that will award 28 startups", she concludes.

The Program

The Centelha Program is an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Sciences, Technology, Innovation and Research (MCTIC) and by the Funding Agency for Innovation and Research (FINEP), in partnership with the National Council for the Scientific and Tecnological Development (CNPq) and the National Council of the State Funding Agencies for the Support of Research (CONFAP), and operated by Certi Foundation.

Text: Carol Givoni/ ASCOM UEA and information from ASCOM Fapeam
Translation: Maristela Silva